DowntownTaylorville.org is a not-for-profit volunteer based organization driven to enhance, cultivate, and promote a strong sense of community through the preservation and development of the downtown business district and improve the cultural, economic and historic benefits of business life in Taylorville.

Taylorville Main Street Historic District

The Taylorville Main Street Historic District is anchored by the Christian County Court House and the surrounding 23-block area at the center of our city.  This district is the civic, historic, retail, entertainment and governmental center of our city.  Our Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places and should be regarded as a community treasure and also as a district that needs a concentrated effort in redevelopment and revitalization.  The development of business and the preservation of our historic legacy is an ongoing process.

Our history is an asset to community growth.  Every community evolves with business and lifestyle trends.  Our downtown district cannot languish in the past but must continue to evolve as a vital part of the city.  Our historic district has the potential to be an eclectic, thriving neighborhood with increased occupancy not only at the street level but the upper story and loft spaces as well.  Promoting and developing occupancy of our historic and aging buildings further encourages better building maintenance and investment in other properties.  Preservation and investor incentives will make the difference in creating a stronger tax base in our district with higher property values and a vibrant neighborhood atmosphere.  Another of our main objectives is to offer incetives to Historic District investors to encourage preservation and restoration projects.  This along with an active preservaton plan will increase downtown investment and address esthetics as well as the serious issue of building safety and long term tax base and property value issues.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings for DowntownTaylorville.org are held the third Tuesday of each month.  The meetings are currently being held at Craggs Realtors in Taylorville, IL and begin promptly at 4pm.

Anyone interested in attending the DowntownTaylorville.org Board Meeting are welcome!

Should you wish to address the Board, please contact DowntownTaylorville.org Executive Director at 217.824.3555 to make the necessary arrangements.

Board of Directors

Marcia Neal, Executive Director
Steve Craggs, President | Craggs Realty
Ed Downs, Vice President | Best 4 Less
Bob Steiner, Treasurer - HSSB Accountants
Rich Payne | Star Electric Service
Marylee Rasar | Breeze-Courier
Janet DeClerk | Bella Amore
Don Broaddus | Businessman


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